Belt Size Guide

Our belts are made in Italy so are sized in centimetres (accordingly to Italian system). European belt sizes for men typically range from 75 cm (29.5 in) to 120 cm (47.2 in). Belt sizes for women typically range from 65 cm (25.6 in) to 110 cm (43.3 in). European belt sizes for both genders increase in 5 centimeter increments. If you are between sizes, it’s generally advisable to go up to the larger belt size. You may also want a slightly larger size if you plan to wear your belt both at the waist and around the hips. The low rise fit of a hip belt requires a larger size than what you’d need to wear only around your waist.

Sizes' Converter

Small100 - 105 centimeters30/32
Medium110 - 115 centimeters32/34
Large120 - 125 centimeters34/38
Extra Large125 - 130 centimeters38/40

If you wear a 30 you can use both a 100 or 105 centimetres belt , it depends how you wear it . if you are more towards 32 better the 105 centimetres choice. it can be applied for all sizes



Product Code: BE CF & SU AD

Another stunning collection of belts. We use the finest quality calf leather for these belts, they are hand painted for a more natural leather effect and we take care to line the inside with real sued, this gives the belt more support and makes it feel better to wear. They are all stitched, have solid brass buckles and they are all 3,5 centimetres high (1.3 inches). The sizes are easily adjustable with a screw in the back of the buckle.


  • hand painted calf  leather on the front
  • suede lining on the inside
  • solid brass buckle
  • they are all 1.4 (inc) height (3,5 centimetres)
  • adjustable length (a little screw easy to open under the buckle)



Weight: 180 g
Length: in / 0 cm
Width: in / 0 cm
Height: 1.38 in / 3.50 cm

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Belt Size Guide
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